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Mon Jan 15th

(B) BBall Ft Jennings @ Kalida

(B) BBall Van Wert @ O. Glandorf 

(B) BBall Elida @ Defiance

(B) BBall Continental @ Miller City

Tues Jan 16th

(B) BBall Allen East @ Paulding

(G) BBall Lincolnview @ Antwerp 

(G) BBall Paulding @ Van Wert

Wed Jan 17th

College Basketball 

Thurs Jan 18th

(B) BBall Antwerp @ Hicksville

(G) BBall Crestview @ Paulding

(G) BBall Ft Jennings @ Continental

Fri Jan 19th

(B) BBall Miller City @ Ottoville

(B) BBall Defiance @ Bath

Sports Overtime

Sat Jan 20th

(G) BBall Ottoville @ Minster

(G) BBall C. Grove @ Miller City

​(B) BBall C. Grove @ Kalida

(B) BBall Lima Sr @ O. Glandorf

(B) BBall Miller City @ Lima Temple

Sports Overtime 

Sun Jan 21st

12PM & 6PM PUMC Sunday Services

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WDFI ~ Defiance, Oh

WPAU ~ Paulding, Oh

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